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Virtual Slotgame

The world's first virtual slotgame platform that supports cryptocurrency payments. We seamlessly connect cryptocurrency payments and virtual games to protect users' assets in the safest way. Players anywhere in the world can easily complete payments. And the negligible handling fee allows both players and merchants to get the most benefit at the same time.

We support all mainstream cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT, etc., and provide bank-level security and transparency throughout the payment process, ensuring that users' privacy will not be disclosed.

Virtual Meeting Room

The first blockchain-incorporated collaborative working environment that allows participants to share various screens, videos and slideshows in the virtual meeting rooms, using blockchain technology to ensure the security of the entire working environment. By having personal identities registered on the blockchain, there is no way for malicious users to log in with other identities. And we can also provide more hardware solutions to ensure the absolute security of the entire process.

We believe that security is extremely important for the working environment. In the virtual world, Avatar Attacks will become increasingly easier, and blockchain can solve this problem.

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Who We Are

Our team members have long-term experience in the fields of VR, blockchain and cryptocurrency. We have engaged in many projects related to blockchain and hardware in the past, and we believe that VR will be one of the main development focuses of the Internet in the future. We are also convinced that in the future VR world, more security and privacy will be needed, and this is why we integrate blockchain into the VR world to build a more secure and reliable VR environment.

Why use blockchain

Better security

Blockchain can provide unprecedented security. With the tamper-proof distributed ledger, it can solve the security problems in the virtual world, especially identity fraud.

Financial convenience

The blockchain technology underpinned cryptocurrencies allows participants from all over the world to pay more conveniently, not only making the process safe and transparent but also ensuring that users' privacy will not be easily revealed.

Create unique items

Decentralized distribution can generate unique items in the VR world. Its core feature is non-copyable and counterfeit-proof, which is difficult to achieve in the virtual world. However, with the blockchain technology, it is now easier to make the VR world more REAL.


Blockchain technology can make the VR world more scalable and less dependent on centralized systems . Combining with open source features, it can realize rapid iterations to adapt to the fast-changing world.

Game Gateway System

  • The gateway system can be connected to external systems via blockchain, which allows borderless cross-platform transfer of different types of currencies.
  • Our gateway layer provides the application layer with necessary interfaces such as security, payment, digital certificates, smart contracts, etc., thus enabling the development of diversified services.
  • By using the API provided by the application layer, VR / AR application developers can build a safe and tamper-proof system without being aware of the blockchain layer.

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    A New Way to Progress Advance

    Support for Multi-Tokens

    Support for dozens of tokens, including BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, as well as all ERC20 and ERC721 tokens

    Multi-level Security Protection

    Multi-level security protection measures such as hardware wallet, multi-signature, HSM

    Separate Services

    Improve asset security by providing separate services for different apps

    Decentralized final accounting & Liquidation

    Decentralized accounting, digital signatures, tamper resistance

    Statistical Verification

    Real-time verification of all assets to ensure security


    Provide a wide variety of APIs and reduce blockchain application development costs

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    The Company

    • Name: Blockchain APE Company Ltd.
    • Business Content: Blockchain System Planning and Development
    • Address: 3F,1Chome-2-7 Kawajiri Building, Chuo Ku, Tokyo To
    • Legal Representative/Founder: James Gong
    • Establishment: November 2018
    • Phone: 090-3456-9586
    • Email: mail@blockchainape.com